Online Rewind: From Flash Crash To Cash Splash

Just imagine that rich, heart-warming pixelation!

Hello! I’m Alistair, and I like to think of myself as a guy who writes things sometimes, like this sentence, or this piece in general. In my inaugural piece on this blog, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind tour of the fall of Flash animation, the unstoppable rise of monetisation that came with YouTube, and the wonders of the world in which we reside. It should be a rollicking good time.


digital campaign manager Laura

Meet Laura: Our New Digital Campaign Manager

Laura is a professional writer, editor, and digital marketer, and joins us from one of the UK’s leading independent job boards where she worked as Content Executive.

With over five years’ experience in the industry and a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing with a Year Abroad, she has published hundreds of articles for various markets, industries and publications across the globe, including The Guardian and Salesforce.


chris hitchings springwatch

The Social Secrets of BBC Springwatch

Thanks to our recent excursions at BBC Bristol – the staff tour, the Bristol Big Ideas talk, and our interview with BBC Radio Bristol’s Adam Crowther – we’ve been lucky enough to meet some lovely people at the BBC who know more than a thing or two about audience engagement. And you guessed it, here…