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Today, every brand needs great content.

The world’s top brands keep their audiences engaged at all times, making themselves more memorable. Whether they’re offering tips or cracking jokes, they’re providing value that earns them plaudits and builds their profiles. If you aspire to reach that level of loyalty, you need a content strategy of your own.

Compounding this, digital content is a major factor behind search rankings. Great content picks up links that send powerful signals and attracts engagement that shows the value of your expertise. And since great content lasts, generating ROI long after being posted, it’s incredibly economical.

Seeker’s content marketers work diligently to create rich and varied digital assets, mixing classic media forms like articles with newer options such as infographics. With our expertise and insight at hand, you can overhaul your brand’s industry presence.

Suiting search engines and readers alike, Seeker content is highly optimised:

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Cover essential keywords without compromising readability
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Make even dry technical topics accessible and engaging
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Nail structural elements such as metadata and microdata
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Earn audience loyalty with high-value resources

We create target-driven content resources to yield relevant traffic:

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Blog posts
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Page optimisations
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Technical articles
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Product/service guides
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Brand guidelines
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Assorted digital assets

Our process painstakingly produces impactful content to help you grow:|

Goal analysis

Content produced without a goal is ineffective. Our first task is to learn what you’re hoping to achieve. Which products or services are you working on? And what pace and scale can you budget for? This information will lay the foundation for the project.

Writer familiarisation

To write great content for your brand, our writers need to learn as much as they can about you and your industry. During this step, we’ll invest in research and work closely with you to ensure we get off to a fast start and secure early results.

Media research

In the world of content, being different is an excellent thing, so it’s important to look for the common elements of content distributed in your niche. Once we know the staples, we can discern ways in which we can set your content apart.

Brand resource audit

Your existing content is highly important. It influences your search results and represents your established brand identity, so it deserves attention. Our full content audit will highlight optimisation opportunities and topics requiring early prioritisation.

Content production

Having learned enough about your business to get started, we’ll begin production with a focus on filling content gaps. Over time, we'll steadily introduce more ambitious content to build higher-authority links and get fresh eyes on your brand.

Iterative improvement

Content trends quickly come and go, and Google updates sink companies that don’t pay close attention. To keep things on track, we’ll be flexible with our production line, phasing tactics and topics in and out as needed to stay ahead of the game.

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Modern brands are judged by their online content, making it more than simply a side project. Committing to high-quality content production will give you a much-needed edge.
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