Make AI your ally instead of your enemy.

Those who embrace AI won’t be replaced by AI.

We believe AI represents an opportunity, not a threat. Far from replacing people, tools such as ChatGPT will help us do amazing work and supercharge our creativity and productivity. Let us help you turn AI into an SEO accomplice rather than an adversary.

Streamline your SEO workflow with smart automation.

AI can make your SEO strategy work smarter, not harder.

Automation is the key to streamlined operations. Learn how we leverage machine learning to construct efficient and cost-effective AI SEO strategies, pairing the power of automation with the expertise of our human specialists.

Amplify your growth by leveraging machine learning.

Rise of the machines = growth opportunities for your business.

In the fast-moving and competitive world of SEO, leveraging AI tools may be the key to growing your business. AI can uncover untapped opportunities, predict user actions and trends, and help create a blueprint for traffic growth.

Future-proof your organic plan with AI-based SEO tools.

AI is forcing search engines to evolve. You need to evolve with them.

Artificial intelligence will change SEO as we know it. Those who refuse to adapt will be met with future roadblocks, while those who deploy AI-powered tactics now will be better equipped to maintain long-term success. Protect your business against an uncertain future.

AI is helping us do SEO better.

We’ve seen the future, and it’s AI-shaped. Our CEO Gareth Simpson is leading the way in AI SEO, sharing his passion and insight at events such as BrightonSEO and Manchester’s SEO Xclusive.

That means we have the expertise to help your business deploy AI-enhanced solutions to augment your SEO strategy and future-proof your growth tactics. So let's do just that.


Unconvinced about AI in SEO? Here's what you need to know…

What is AI SEO?

AI SEO, also known as Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimization, is all about using artificial intelligence tools to enhance the visibility and ranking of web pages in search engines. The best AI SEO tools can analyse vast amounts of data, accurately predict user behaviour and trends, automate arduous tasks like keyword research, and even create AI-generated content. The overall goal is to refine the SEO strategy, making it more efficient and effective, thereby enhancing website optimisation and performance.

Why is it important to embrace AI in SEO now?

The importance of embracing AI in SEO right now cannot be overstated. Google and other search engines are increasingly using AI in their ranking algorithms, and by leveraging advanced AI SEO tools, businesses can stay ahead of their competition, anticipate changes in SEO practices, and align their SEO strategy with the evolving criteria used by search engines. Embracing AI also means that businesses can uncover innovative ways to streamline their workloads and increase their efficiency and productivity. 

How can AI be leveraged in SEO?

Artificial intelligence can be leveraged in SEO to automate and enhance several key tasks. This includes acting as a comprehensive keyword research tool, aiding in the creation of high-quality, SEO-optimized content, and analysing complex data to identify trends and insights. An AI SEO tool, built on machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, can accurately predict changes in search engine algorithms, uncover new keyword opportunities, and generate content ideas.

How can an SEO agency help you get the most out of AI SEO?

An SEO agency plays a vital role in helping you get the most out of AI SEO. At Seeker, we can proficiently integrate AI tools into your existing SEO strategy, interpret the insights derived from AI analyses, and apply those insights to optimise your website’s content and structure. We also leverage AI for continuous keyword research, predicting trends in user behaviour and maximising productivity. Not only will this enhance your search rankings and help to drive more organic traffic, but it will ultimately increase your ROI.

AI SEO in Numbers

The potential impact of AI on SEO cannot be overstated…

70% of marketers say AI is important for content marketing
58% of businesses are currently planning to use AI for SEO
50% of marketers use AI mainly for ad targeting
73% of people think AI has the potential to impact UX

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