SEO training from the experts|

In-house SEO training for brands wanting more

Want to do your own branded outreach? Need to improve internal SEO processes? Looking to spearhead your own web migration? Look no further.

Our in-house SEO training services offer everything you need to take your team’s skills further:

  • Link building for brands
  • Technical SEO audits
  • Content audits
  • Website migrations
  • SEO tools implementation
  • Branded editorial outreach
  • Content marketing strategy
  • SEO metrics and reporting

Whether your marketing team needs a refresh or you’re taking SEO in-house, we’ll share the tips, tactics, and processes that have helped us scale our agency and do amazing things — so you can too.

SEO training benefits|

What are the benefits of in-house SEO training?

Invest in the future of your business and build your own SEO processes with Seeker’s in-house SEO training.

Our in-house SEO training services provide the following benefits:

Better marketing and content ROI
Effective professional development
Added value to your brand
Reduced spend on agency fees
Empowered in-house staff
Team cohesion and morale
Improved project management
Scalable processes
Improved margins

We love to share|

Why choose Seeker as your SEO training provider?

Our training is only as good as the results we deliver. We’re not ticking boxes — we deliver lasting value to your team, long after our session has ended.
When you choose Seeker as your SEO training provider, you receive:
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Insight into C.U.L.T (content, UX, links & technical)
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Bespoke SEO training plans tailored to your brand
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Interactive learning methods
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Personalised trackers and templates
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Follow-ups and learning goals
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Ongoing consultancy & implementation

Training plans|

Who is our SEO training for?

SEO plays a part in virtually every role in digital marketing, from brand managers right down to your copywriters.

Our training is suitable for

PR execs
Senior stakeholders
Content marketers
SEO execs
Technical staff
Brand managers
Digital marketers

Bottom line|

How training impacts results

Training is a wise investment. Instead of paying out for external SEO advice and copywriters, empower you own team to drive traffic and results for your brand. Create processes that will stand the test of time and keep adding value in the years to come.

We regularly see massive uplift and return on SEO investment for our clients (the typical ROI is 300%): tap into that potential for your brand.

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