Value Of Generic Keyword Success – Timothy Hawes & John Sadeghipoor

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Tips on how to tell the difference between luck and skill when it comes to keyword success, with gifted pair Timothy Hawes & John Sadeghipoor primed to show you the right way of predicting the value of different keywords. Keyword research is both an art and a science, but, like the masters of those disciplines, you need to have a clear direction to reach an end goal that adds value to the world. 


Speaker’s name: Timothy Hawes & John Sadeghipoor

Job role and company: Organic Performance Team Lead at Forward3D (Timothy Hawes);  Global Head of Digital Marketing at FitFlop (John Sadeghipoor)

Links to Twitter profile: @jaytwee John Sadeghipoor

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What was the talk about?

Generic keywords are non-branded keywords. While their definition is simple, ranking for generic keywords is much trickier as they are enormously competitive. Using the example of the hugely successful business, Fitflop, Timothy Hawes and John Sadeghipoor explained their strategy for ranking for the words everyone wants to rank for.

One of the most important parts of the talk centred on how to work out the value of generic keywords:

  • Categorising your keywords
  • Categorising your landing page types
  • Categorising the different sections of your site
  • Calculating your CTRs

However, the key learning point is that you need a ‘goal post’ for your strategy. In other words, you need to decide what keywords are important to your business, establish a sound methodology for incorporating them into your website, and then measure the impact of your work.

Fave quote

“But, Tim, what about page two?” “No one cares about page two.”

Potential impact on the industry

In extremely competitive industries, it is both challenging and daunting going after generic keywords that seem locked up by big sites. What the approach of Timothy Hawes and John Sadeghipoor teaches us is that by taking a considered and detailed approach, any business can rank for the words that it wants to.

Key takeaways

  • Categorise everything
  • Calculate your CTRs
  • Create a deliverable strategy
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