Using Data To Keep Your Customers Happy – Eli Zheleva

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Guidance from Eli Zheleva on how data can be used to tell you more about your customers, so you can understand what they do and don’t like and how to leverage this to drive up revenue for your business.


Speaker’s name: Eli Zheleva

Job role and company: Marketer, Mentor, Speaker, Author 


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What was the talk about?

Business is easy – give your customers the goods they need at the price they want. Except there’s so much to it and many companies forget how important it is to retain their existing customers. During her talk, Eli Zheleva gave some great advice on how your business can keep its most important asset happy.

It’s not rocket science. You listen to your customers, analysing the sentiment of the reviews they leave to establish what’s working and what can be improved. You also need to look at the relationship you have with your customer service team, as they are the people who keep your shoppers happy.

One of the key points from Eli’s talk was that you need to measure your customers’ satisfaction through your NPS (Net Promoter Score). NPS is a score that measures how loyal your customers are. Where NPS really adds value to your business is that the score is tied to your revenue, so it shows you how much your customers are really worth to your company.

Fave quote

“It costs more to win a new customer than it does to keep an existing them – treat your customers like you treat your loved ones.”

Potential impact on the industry

Every business knows the importance of customers – without them you’ll make no money and won’t have a successful business model. But ask yourself this: “is my company doing enough to hold onto its customers?” The impact of Eli’s talk is that it gives you the answer to this question, along with points of improvement. In short, Eli’s talk will help keep your company in business!

Key takeaways

  • Get customer reviews
  • Find out your NPS
  • Keep your customer service team happy
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