The Content Comeback: 5 Steps For Bouncing Back When Your Campaign Fails – Shannon McGuirk

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

In this on-point talk from Shannon McGuirk, we learned what to do when your beloved content campaign falls flat. It was an honest, no-holds-barred deep dive into why campaigns go wrong, and what you can do to get it right next time.


Speaker’s name: Shannon McGuirk

Job role and company: Head of PR & Content at Aira Digital


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What was the talk about?

Sometimes content campaigns fail — fact. But rather than letting it floor you, Shannon shows how we can pick ourselves up and learn from our mistakes. She highlighted the key aspects of a good content campaign and identifies key questions you should ask yourself after a campaign failure. While you can’t go back in time, you can prepare for the future.

Fave quote

“Your campaign story is in your data”

the content comeback brightonseo april 2019

Potential impact on the industry

Content campaigns are a profitable strategy that can win big links — when they’re done right. A failed campaign can cost you coverage, links, and even clients. When all your competitors are creating content campaigns, it’s important to hit the ground running after a loss and deliver stellar results by learning from your mistakes.

Key takeaways

  • Re-evaluate where your campaign failed. Poor timing, the wrong journos or bloggers, weak sources, bad design, a story that didn’t engage — these are just a few examples of what can go wrong.
  • Find your story — stories always trump statements, so take a deep dive into your data and identify a narrative that compels.
  • Seek expert advice — nurture and lean on relationships with journos and ask them what their readers want to see.
  • Create a comprehensive digital press pack that provides further data and research that journos can find quickly and easily.
  • Get ready for relaunch — there’s no such thing as overpreparation! Try and secure an exclusive before relaunch and put a 24-hour hold on it to give yourself the reigns over your campaign.
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