Picture Day At Seeker Digital

15 March 2019

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Whether it’s through our content, outreach or diving deep into SEO data, at Seeker Digital, we are usually happy to let words do the talking for us. But on a blustery, rain-soaked day we welcomed the expert photography skills of Josh Campbell into our office and entrusted him with getting the pictures to tell our stories. Did it end happily ever after? You’ll see.

Capturing Seeker at our best (mostly) & getting a stockpile of images

Welcoming a professional photographer into our work environment wasn’t only an opportunity for Seeker to dress our best, and impress each other with our diverse wardrobes. Josh caught us we while we worked, during meetings, as we socialised, and at candid moments – he captured the essence of what Seeker is.

So what was the purpose of picture day? To make sure we have a stockpile of images that represent our brand, ones we can use across all of our channels at the drop of a hat.

Josh Campbell, Bristol-based photographer, videographer & beard champion

Bristol-based and Lake District-raised, Josh Campbell is a diverse and gifted photographer & videographer with a broad portfolio that includes weddings, corporate promos, portraits (people and animals), landscapes, babies, and more.

Highlights of Josh’s recent work include a crisp promo video for Z.W. Foot & Ankle, along, of course, with his undertaking at the Seeker office. If you need someone to record your commercial or personal moments, Josh comes with our seal of approval!

Picture Day At Seeker Digital

The once upon a time & happily ever after behind the images from picture day

We’ve done quite enough talking for the moment, so we’ll let the pictures tell their own story (mostly!) with some fun snapshots from the day which were taken by the Seeker team – we’re looking forward to seeing the finished articles from Josh!

Picture Day At Seeker Digital

Seeker’s Director, Gareth Simpson, leads the team through an important presentation. 

Being able to work whenever and wherever is crucial to what we do at Seeker, and that includes having a meeting while grabbing a coffee – Elliot Taylor and Daisy Sawyer, such professionals. 

Kayleigh being photographed by Josh

Our Creative Director, Kayleigh Töyrä, puts her best face forward.

After a long and full day of shooting, enthusiasm began to wane…

Picture day was fun, frenetic, & fascinating, but what’s important is the human element

Picture day at Seeker Digital’s office gave us all plenty of great moments – from Alistair’s scissor escapades and Damien’s monkey menagerie to our windswept team picture at the entrance to the [Here] building we call our home – in front of the sign bearing Seeker’s name, naturally.

But the most important part of the day was learning what works in photography and we can sum that up like this – being human and showing the world the real people behind the great work we do at Seeker Digital.

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