Seeker’s Offices Have Moved To HERE Bristol

06 August 2018

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The summer marks exciting times at Seeker Digital.

For nearly two years, we resided in a cosy spot above an industrial warehouse. We watched the business thrive as our team continued to learn, graft and grow. Our clients reached new heights, and together we transitioned into something bigger and better.

And just a few short weeks ago, we knew we were ready to take Seeker to the next level. And so marks our move to the iconic creative business hub, HERE.

Home to some of the greatest businesses Bristol has to offer, such as ITV, HERE was an obvious choice for us. We weren’t looking for a space that we could fit into, but rather, a space fit for people like us — that’s creatives, marketers and anyone up for a good chinwag over a pint and pizza.

With our new offices, we have enough space to expand the team, take on more work for our clients and finally put our brand on the map as we evolve from startup to small business.

Here’s what our team has to say about Seeker’s move and what this means for the business, our clients and the future.

Gareth Simpson, Managing Director & Co-founder

It’s been two years since we moved into our first office space, and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved throughout that period. We’ve quietly worked with some of the biggest names in the digital industry, assisted a range of exceptional local businesses and managed to double our staff headcount along the way.

Our move to HERE signifies so much for Seeker. Over the last 24 months, we’ve learned, succeeded, failed and improved all for the better. What’s great is that our clients have watched us transform and have grown with us at an exponential rate. This powerful trajectory is only set to continue, especially as we’re now laying roots in such a collaborative and creative environment.

Thank you to all our clients and suppliers — you know who you are! I can’t wait to invite you to our new home so you can see first-hand what this awesome space will help us leverage. We pride ourselves in being the best we can be for our clients, and our move to HERE has certainly set us up for even greater things. Watch this space!

Kayleigh Tӧyrӓ, Creative Director & Co-founder

Seeker’s move to HERE is an important milestone for the business. As huge advocates of feeling embedded in a local community, we are excited to be working in a building full of Bristol’s most creative minds, with the opportunity to be part of something really special.

This dynamic environment will help us forge a solid reputation for Seeker’s specialist work in the industry. With space for growth, we’ll be able to level up our branding and replicate the stellar work we do for our clients for ourselves.

But it’s not just about the opportunities for the brand. For me, the best thing about this move is the chance to see our team explore the space and make their mark. Not only are we passionate about making our clients and our brand a success, but we’re also rooting for every single member of our team too.

We’re very grateful to be HERE — yep, the puns don’t stop coming! Thank you to everyone that has helped us on this journey so far: we can’t wait to see what’s on the cards next.

Kayleigh and Gareth in Seeker's new office

Damien Girling, Digital Copywriter

As Seeker continues to work its way through the digital divisions, moving to Bristol’s iconic, HERE, marks a well-earned promotion to work alongside some of the creative and marketing world’s big hitters.

Sharing a home with ITV, Puma and Hollister (among others), shows our clients that Seeker is a world-class business who will provide a service to match their lofty expectations.

While the present is bright, our new surroundings show the future will be even brighter, and that there’s no limit to how successful Seeker will be.

Alistair Clarke, Digital Copywriter

Everything is lit wonderfully, the location is good, and there’s a powerful green floor that resembles a colossal Duplo block. And the office is a big step up for Seeker. We can move past one another normally, no longer needing a complex process of cautious sidling.

As such, I have high hopes for our time at HERE. We’re also surrounded by varied businesses, and I look forward to learning more about them (and perhaps even working alongside some of them) as time goes by and we settle in.

Now, would I like Friska to stock Pepsi products instead of their inferior Coca-Cola equivalents? Yes. But it’s a minor quibble! HERE seems like the perfect place to grow.

Elliot Taylor, Digital Copywriter

Seeker’s move to HERE isn’t just a necessary move for a growing digital agency. It’s a physical, tangible indicator of the quality of work that Seeker does. It’s a symbol of client satisfaction, of visible results in the campaigns we run, the relationships we build, and the content we produce.

The building itself represents the direction Seeker is heading. Wide open windows stream natural light into a spacious, vibrant office — one that encourages collaboration and fosters productivity. It is an office that rubs shoulders with a number of other agencies and brands, both established companies and burgeoning startups alike, from a wide variety of industries.

These are just visible examples of the trajectory that Seeker Digital is headed. It is a trajectory that is angled firmly upwards, and one that shows no signs of slowing down.

Lewis Chaffey, SEO Executive

HERE has established itself as a hub for creative businesses across Bristol and it’s great to join the movement. We’re looking forward to growing the Seeker team and reaching new heights as a specialist agency now that we have the perfect platform to build from.

Sharing our space with huge brands such as ITV and Puma will really help put Seeker Digital on the map. We’ll definitely be networking and learning from some of the other inspiring creatives we have on site.

HERE’s office space is the perfect fit for a non-traditional creative agency like Seeker, and it matches our values perfectly. We’ll continue to expand our skill sets and exceed expectations for clients across the globe, all from our new Bristol home.

Matt Hunt, Account Manager

Whilst the move is a massive step for Seeker, it unfortunately corresponded with my first day, which deprived me of the privilege of being the newest and shiniest object in the Seeker ecosystem.

Negatives aside, Seeker is on the map! This office move is the commercial property equivalent of putting on your ‘big boy pants’ for the first time. We are more than ready for this, some would argue this move was long overdue.

HERE’s fantastic location and space has the appeal to attract the right calibre of future team members that are needed to fulfil our rapid growth trajectory.

Laura Slingo, Digital Campaign Manager

While we’ve only moved a couple of miles from our last base, our new location at HERE has opened the brand to a wealth of new opportunities. Seeker experienced radical growth over the last two years across all areas of the company, and moving to this creative agency goldmine encourages us to ramp it up a gear and make that transition from startup to small business.

HERE is iconic amongst the local and creative communities. Therefore, not only does our move paint us as an established brand, but it also invites us to network with like-minded people. As you can imagine, this is already doing wonders for our team spirit.

Combine this with an office full of natural light, aromatherapy diffusers and plenty of blank walls for ideation and game plans, and you’ve got a seamless working environment that suits our brand to the tee.

I’m incredibly excited for the future, and I can’t wait to see our talented team of specialists make Seeker one of the leading agencies for SEO, outreach and digital PR.

Bethan Forbes, Digital Copywriter

As the newest member of the Seeker team, I’m very excited to be joining at a time where we’re on the move. It seems like HERE is the perfect fit for our growing digital agency.

What’s really great about this new location is that we have access to more than our office. There are some really cool creative spaces that we can break off to if we fancy a change of scenery. We’ve even got our own Friska (big fan of the burritos!)  what’s not to love?

I’m really happy to be in such a creative environment with a wide spectrum of really interesting companies, like ITV and Hollister. This place is a networking opportunity goldmine! I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone in this local community and fostering some awesome relationships.

I can’t wait to see how Seeker grows from here!


Andrew Oliver of Ashville, asset managers for the building weighed in on the conversation, adding:

“We’re really delighted to have Seeker Digital join us. They’re the perfect fit — specialist but people-powered, technical but creative, passionate but commercial. That’s the spirit we share HERE.”

It’s clear to see that Seeker’s move to HERE is filled with great promise for the brand and clients alike. If you can, stop by and say hello. You won’t believe what we’ve done with the place.

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