Driving *Meaningful* Clicks With Enriched SERPs – Izzi Smith

10 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

In this lesson on how to create better experiences for your audience and drive more traffic for your business, Izzi Smith spoke about how to isolate your engagement and CTR problems, and offered guidance on how to optimise your appearance in search.


What was the talk about?

Not all traffic is created equal, and a lot of no-click appearances in SERPs stem from appearing in irrelevant places. You need to understand what searches are looking for, and how you can polish your results to be maximally appealing using rich results.

Fave quote

“Even if CTR isn’t a ranking factor, you should still be spending your effort and time on improving it. If CTR were a ranking factor, Google definitely wouldn’t tell you, because it would be heavily manipulated.”

Potential impact on the industry

Much has been made of Google’s rich results taking clicks away from webmasters, but they can’t shoulder all the blame. Plenty of it can be attributed to webmasters failing to satisfy searcher intent. If you bring in the right kind of traffic, and serve it well, you can still thrive.

A list of points from Izzi Smith's BrightonSEO April 2019 talk.

Key takeaways

  • Because they’re based on such rich data, you can gauge intent from Google’s results.
  • Pure SERP positioning can be misleading: focus on visual prominence.
  • Google is going to steal your data no matter what. Make sure it steals the right data.
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