Seeker Plays Bingo For Charity

21 February 2019

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Last September, Seeker Digital did something big. We went to the UK’s biggest digital marketing conference, BrightonSEO, and played bingo for charity.

We created our very own Seeker SEO bingo, and each of us was tasked with grabbing selfies with some of BrightonSEO’s most notable sights.

From the Brighton locals and conference speakers to the iconic big deckchair and the BrightonSEO founder himself, Kelvin, it was a big task — but a worthwhile one.

For every line we completed, our founders put £5 into a pot to be donated to the Prince’s Trust. One card per person, 8 possible lines per card, 11 people — that’s a lot of £££.

We gave it our all, nabbing selfies left, right, and centre. While we did our best, we didn’t complete every line — but Seeker went ahead anyway and proudly donated £450 to the Prince’s Trust.

Why did Seeker choose Prince’s Trust?

Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for young entrepreneurs. The charity raised £1.4 billion in the last ten years alone, and every year the Trust helps hundreds of thousands of vulnerable young people develop their skill set, boost their confidence, and get started in the world of business.

The Trust values self-startership, innovation, and self-development above all else. Look at the many young people it has helped, and you’ll find stories of dedicated individuals that overcame massive odds to achieve great things.

And at Seeker, that message resonates.

As an agency, we feel duty bound to share our success. There is a lot of money to be made in SEO, and we should pass that on to those who need it.

Think about how much that round of drinks you bought for your team at the bar cost you. That alone is a sizeable donation that would make a world of difference for someone less fortunate. Every agency should implement a corporate social responsibility strategy — no matter how small.

Why BrightonSEO?

BrightonSEO is where the goals of the Prince’s Trust goals and Seeker align. SEO is more than an industry — it’s an intimate community of passionate individuals from all walks of life.

BrightonSEO attendees are a diverse bunch: SEO executives, copywriters, developers, marketers, PR professionals, even CEOs. And they’re friendly too! Reach out to any industry figure on Twitter, and you’ll get a sincere, helpful response back.

SEO is never tied to background either. No matter who you are or where you’re from, SEO appeals to anyone and everyone.

This appeal is in part due to its accessibility. There are hundreds of thousands of free resources online that make it easy for self-starters to learn the skills they need to get ahead in SEO.

At BrightonSEO, people come together to network and share knowledge. It fosters growth and collaboration, and creates generation after generation of passionate entrepreneurs making their own way in the industry.

Last year, we raised £450 for the Prince’s Trust. But it doesn’t stop there! Seeker Digital look forward to raising more money to help charities continue their valuable work. Watch this space…

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