Meet Robert, Our New Developer

20 November 2019

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Meet our new Developer, Robert Fall, an Essex boy now based in Bristol. Read on to learn more about Rob, how he entered the world of code, and find out why developers are dream makers.

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey before Seeker?

I was a typical teenager who didn’t really know what I wanted to do, so I completed my A-levels and decided to go to Plymouth University to study Music Technology. During my third year at university, I was introduced to using algorithmic music and using code to compose. This later led into an interest in using Artificial Intelligence to compose music, which ended up being the basis of my dissertation for my third year.

Once graduated, I felt like I wanted to explore the avenue of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Music further, which lead me to work with the Interdisciplinary Center of Computer Music at Plymouth University and studying a Master’s in computer music.

Following my masters at Plymouth University, I went back to Essex and worked as a Bartender, Sales Advisor and Centre Controller. However, I was dissatisfied and thought I’d look more into further my knowledge of Computer Science, since it had been strongly centered around AI up until this point. This led me to doing a Master’s in computer science at the University of Birmingham, where I specialised in AI and Robotics.

During my time at the University of Birmingham, I came down to Bath and Bristol a lot to visit friends and decided that Bristol was the city I’d like to locate myself in. Therefore, I applied exclusively for developer jobs in Bristol, which took me to ComputerShare doing web-development.

I found out about Seeker at a meetup on machine learning and I liked how passionate the Seeker employees were about their work and what they look to achieve in the future. This interested me a lot, so I decided to enquire about working for them.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by adventures into the unknown. I like to think that nothing is impossible with persistence, time and an open attitude to change. My dad always says that he’ll get things done “by hook or by crook”, which is an ethos I like to think I have adopted too.

What is a Developer?

We are the dream makers that make your computer-based wishes come true through the medium of code.

What brings you to Seeker?

Since leaving university I’ve always wanted to work at an up and coming startup, so I can be apart of the growth of the company. Seeker is exactly that.

Have you got any top tips for any budding developers?

Perseverance and always being open to new ideas will make you great.

Thanks Rob – great to have you onboard!

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