Celebrating Women Of Seeker: Laura Slingo

06 March 2020

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Sunday 8th March marks International Women’s Day, a celebration of the lives and achievements of women around the world.

In honour of this event, we’ll be celebrating the myriad accomplishments of the women of Seeker Digital. With so many talented and driven women amongst our ranks, this March is the perfect opportunity to recognise their skill, achievements, drive, and passion. Today, we’re kicking off with our senior campaign manager, Laura Slingo.

Greatest achievements to date, eh? I like to think I’m in a very fortunate situation to have quite a few under my belt, but there are two that stick out the most.

Five years ago, I completely uprooted my life and moved to California to study. I’ll be honest with you, I hated it. For three solid months I was so unhappy, muddling my way through a brand new city and a different way of life. I was so close to giving up on this adventure, this opportunity, this decision.

But I stuck it out.

I gritted my teeth and found the determination and the fire to achieve exactly what I set out to do. The result? A truly rewarding experience that resulted in a 4.0 GPA, some incredible memories, an amazing group of friends that now spans the entire world and the reminder that no matter how tough, stressful and upsetting times get, I can and will keep going.

In more recent years, this attitude led to Gareth titling me ‘Laura the Brave’. Which leads me nicely onto my other greatest achievement: joining Seeker.

My career has escalated dramatically since joining this wonderful business. There were just seven of us when I joined two years ago. I was the first campaign manager, the most senior (below the directors) and the only person with extensive digital PR and link building experience. Handling all that among a startup agency vibe is a tall order let me tell you — but I bloody loved it and all of the challenges and successes that came along the way.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m senior campaign manager and Seeker has 25 employees. I head up our outreach department and a team of four wonderful campaign execs. I’ve spoken at Bristol SEO meetup — and Cardiff SEO and BrightonSEO are on the horizon over the next few weeks. And the best bit of all? I get to work for a company that I adore in an industry that suits me to a tee. And let me tell you, I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else. Now I’d say that was quite an achievement.

Laura is just one of many talented, accomplished women of Seeker. This month, we’ll meet more of these women to celebrate their achievements and discover the value they bring to Seeker. Watch this space!

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