COVID-19 Update: We’re Here To Support Your Business

18 May 2020

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in our day-to-day lives around the world. At a time when communications are more crucial than ever, we would like to reassure all our clients and partners that our operations have not and will not be affected by COVID-19.

The pandemic has sadly forced a number of businesses to furlough their staff, cancel retainers, and withdraw work. As such, we also want to express our deepest sadness and sympathy to our fellow agencies, many of whom are struggling to operate in these unprecedented times. We have a great love and respect for everyone in our industry, and offer our fullest support to those who need it.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

We are taking the pandemic extremely seriously. As a business, we are strictly adhering to all up-to-date guidance provided by both NHS England and the Government to protect our team.

Seeker Digital has always been built to operate as a remote agency, so we have everything in place to continue serving our clients.

Safety remains our top priority above all else, guiding every business decision we have made and will make in the weeks and months to come. As such, we are maintaining the safety of our team with all 25 employees working from home.

How we’re looking after our team

Culture is crucial at Seeker, so these are naturally trying times for the team. We are doing everything we can as a business to improve people’s quality of life during the lockdown, and are offering a number of resources and support services to all our employees.

We have provided our staff with everything they need to comfortably work from home, with laptops, second monitors, screens, keyboards, and even desk chairs.

Mental health is also a key concern at Seeker, and all our staff are able to access mental health support where required. Our mental health days policy remains in place, with staff able to take time off should they feel they need it.

We are also maintaining a company intranet page, providing news and updates on the ongoing pandemic. It also highlights any development in the situation that may specifically impact our team.

Seeker is a tight, closely-knit agency, and to maintain social contact, we’re holding regular socials, including quizzes, post-work video meets, and team hangouts. Employees are encouraged to stay in regular contact, both through work meetings and social events, to check on each other’s wellbeing during the lockdown.

Seeker prides itself on employee happiness and wellbeing. During the lockdown and beyond, this remains one of our top priorities.

The Seeker outreach team having a beach inspired social over zoom

Helping businesses during COVID-19

We are fortunate that our operations have not been affected by COVID-19. All account and campaign managers are fully contactable at Seeker Digital via our various communication channels.

The impact of this pandemic is being felt far and wide and we understand that digital marketing and communications are now more essential than ever for our clients. We’re confident that the delivery of work here at Seeker Digital will not be impacted. We will continue to work with our existing clients, remain open to new prospects, and hire new employees where appropriate. Our team are also here to support any businesses that may need advice on what to do next, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our hearts go out to all those who have been personally affected by the pandemic along with all our incredible key workers, no matter what role they occupy, during this very difficult time.

The Seeker Digital team

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