Seeker's Link Building For PR Course

Learn how to get max SEO value from your PR campaigns

Seeker’s brand-new Link Building For PR Course will give you the skills and confidence to find the stories that win big links and get your brand seen online.

In the course, you’ll learn how to get more SEO value from your PR campaigns.

- Upskill your team with training that has been designed with the requirements of in-house PR teams in mind
- Learn to take the assets and great content you already have and build a strategy to attract links
- Come away from the training with tools, tactics, and materials you can implement across teams and projects
- See the reward with tangible ROI and save on external consultancy costs

Designed for ambitious in-house PR teams looking for that technical edge, our bespoke training course will teach you how to leverage PR campaigns to support your SEO strategy, distinguish a good link from a bad one, drive keyword rankings, get more traffic to your brand’s website, and more.


Why we have designed this course

So why has Seeker created this Link Building For PR Course?

#1: Brands often have a strong PR strategy that does wonders for brand awareness, picking up links and positioning brands as thought leaders on key topics — but is the strategy really unlocking SEO potential? 

We’ll show you how to leverage your hero & reactive PR campaigns and combine them with SEO basics to help rankings and traffic to your commercial pages.

#2: PR campaigns have the power to generate strong links from national and trade publications, and therefore strengthen a website’s authority. But national pickup encourages “dirty” links from scrapers and harmful duplicate content. 

We’ll show you how to monitor and evaluate the links you acquire, and remove any detrimental links from your backlink profile.

#3: How many of your creative PR campaigns rank in their own right? Perhaps not many. 

We’ll show you how to develop an asset that’s not only outreach-worthy, but also capable of ranking for competitive terms — therefore generating traffic and conversions without the need for continual outreach.

#4: No idea how to build links with PR-level tactics? No fear. 

We’ll show you the essentials — including reactive PR, newsjacking, editorial, thought leadership, and creative assets.

#5:  In the digital industry, the lines are becoming blurred. Learning and understanding SEO as a PR will help you to work more efficiently with SEO teams and merge your skill sets — often, the agencies and brands with the most success have a hybrid team, translating into marketing superpower. 

We’ll show you how to combine these two crucial disciplines, ensuring that your PR wins translate into SEO success.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for:

  • Ambitious in-house PR teams looking to understand and apply SEO tactics
  • Marketing managers who work in-house or at an agency
  • Digital PRs/marketers looking to benefit from good link building practices
  • PR managers looking to bolster their skillset

In a nutshell, we’ll teach you about all-important SEO tactics and how to apply them — covering everything you need from on-page basics and internal linking to technical tactics and technical link building strategies.

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