Our process

With an experienced SEO at the helm, our tried-and-tested method predicts the impact of organic marketing. Here's how the process goes:
You submit your request using the provided form.
We send you a request for more information.
You grant us access to Google Analytics and Search Console.
Our strategist conducts the appraisal, completing it promptly.
We book a call to provide our report and discuss our findings.

Your benefits

Our report will give you rich insight into the organic search landscape around your business, helping you make smarter budgeting decisions.
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Find out where you stand relative to your competitors.
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Significantly mitigate the risk of investment.
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Estimate the long-term value of SEO.
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Discover vital strategic opportunities.
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Lay the groundwork for a link-building strategy.

Good SEO will always outperform Google Ads.

Spend much less, earn much more. Our organic campaigns easily beat PPC. Rounded client data from 5 years of SEO work shows a huge disparity.

"Do I qualify?"|

Our organic appraisal has three qualifying conditions:

If you don’t meet these conditions, we’d still like to chat! Drop us a line at hi@seeker.digital to see how we can help.

Your selected website receives at least 5000 visits per month
Your business involves SaaS or ecommerce, or is enterprise-level
You’ll grant us access to Google Analytics and Search Console

"I'm immensely pleased with Gareth's in-depth SEO audit. It is without a doubt the best SEO audit I've seen (and I've seen a few). Don't miss out!"

Clair O'Neill — Web & CRM Manager

Clients love our organic marketing

When asked to compare Seeker's link-building methodology to those of other agencies in the crowded SEO industry: "This is the best we've seen."

Duane Rajkumar Shopify

"Working with Seeker has been excellent. We've seen a big increase in organic traffic and made it to page 1 for some market-defining keywords. Great work!"

Santi Costa Cloudways

"The Seeker team has been collaborative, adaptable, responsive, and effective. We're really happy with the level of service and proactivity shown."

James Dillon Remote

"Seeker has really helped us connect with our audience through actionable content. They get SaaS, and they get SEO – which means we get results."

Yannis Psarras Moosend

"We've seen how they do outreach and we're very impressed. As Pitchbox power users they've nailed advanced tactics. An outreach class act."

Michael Geneles Pitchbox

"Seeker has a refreshing approach to link building; with project costs based on results, it reduced the risk of spending time and money on outreach that didn’t deliver."

Laura Ladlow Condor Ferries

Book your appraisal

The sooner you book, the sooner we can uncover what's holding your site back — and how an SEO campaign can unleash its potential.