Hoping to grow a CQC-regulated business? In this webinar, you’ll learn how an organic approach can deliver the results you need.

Businesses in the healthcare sector must budget very carefully. They need to market what they do, but without losing focus on their care standards.

This is why PPC is a poor solution. Paid ads get results, but with weak ROI — and the costs never go down.

Organic marketing is the answer. Leveraging search, social and digital PR drastically reduces customer acquisition costs.

You get better leads, brand growth, and more budget to put towards the things that matter most. So let’s get started.


About Gareth Simpson


Seeker Digital founder Gareth Simpson made his name in link building, running outreach campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and leading SEOs. He launched Seeker in 2016 as a purpose-built outreach agency for ecommerce, enterprise and SaaS, and remains at the forefront of the link building game.

He’s long been a passionate advocate of bringing AI into SEO. In 2019 he gave a talk at BrightonSEO titled “Leveraging Machines for Awesome Outreach”, and he continues to explore automation options.

His greatest strength lies in his desire to learn, embrace innovations, and take opportunities.