Content Audits: How We Use Search Intent To Identify A Goldmine Of Opportunities

As featured in BrightonSEO’s Marketing Conference Oct 2020

Looking to increase organic traffic or revenue to your website? Then a content audit tailored to your site’s goals is vital.

It is important to understand where your website content is providing the most value, and where it’s holding you back.

This presentation from our Senior Client Manager, Paul Wilkinson, takes you through our tried and tested Seeker Content Audit process to do just that—demonstrating how you can identify, improve and repurpose underperforming content to ensure it performs at its best.

You’ll also find a downloadable Content Audit Template to evaluate your own website content, pinpoint any weak spots and optimise to better serve your business goals.


Download our free Content Audit Template

Our Content Audit Template is the spreadsheet you need to start analysing and optimising your website content. Review everything from revenue generated on each page to keyword data, then decide which actions to take (from optimisation to page rewrites) as a result of your findings.

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