Seeker has helped us improve our on-page SEO, rank higher in Google SERPs, and increase our monthly traffic.

Jeff He|

Growth Marketing Manager

Elite link-building|

Nailing the core revenue-driving keyword.

The insurance niche is hotly competitive, dominated by huge brands with global recognition. Equipped with a great service but an unfamiliar name, Duuo was a company in need of exposure — so Seeker stepped up to give it the online presence it deserved.

Through a combination of on-page optimisation, editorial link building, and digital PR, we took it all the way from page 3 to position 1 for its most important search term. This has ensured a steady stream of actionable traffic, delivering superb ROI and showing the impact of what we do.

Targeted editorial outreach.

In addition to providing content optimisations, we built strong and relevant links to vital pages. As a result, the number of highly-placed rankings has increased at a steady pace, achieving formidable ROI.

Sustained traffic growth.

Traffic value is a massive indicator of success, and it's clear that our outreach process has paid dividends here. 2022 was particularly impactful, showing what strategic consistency can achieve.

Always-on reactive PR|

Showcasing brand expertise through expert quotes.

Publication mentions are immensely important for turning brands into industry fixtures. Our reactive Digital PR work seized opportunities to cultivate the Duuo brand, landing coverage on relevant high-visibility sites.

Strengthening a domain|

Brand authority is key, so we carefully grew it.

Duuo’s service was ready for the spotlight, but its brand and website were struggling to contend with an array of seasoned rivals — and great customer feedback isn’t enough to get noticed online.

Identifying the areas that needed improvement, we created an SEO plan to cultivate the brand by securing hyper-relevant links and establishing a commanding level of industry expertise.

In 2 years, we more than quadrupled organic traffic.

+335.21% users

+409.04% avg. session duration

+72.24% conversion rate

Content, coverage, and links|

A full-service plan to take over a high-value niche.

It isn't easy to succeed in the insurance world. There's enough money on the line to keep the interest of huge corporations, and brand recognition plays a huge role in winning customer trust.

To get Duuo to the top of the SERPs for its core service, we deployed a varied selection of tactics (even providing an internal content plan), and our work paid off. Today, the brand enjoys consistent success.

Performance SEO that scales with you|

Give your business the exposure it deserves.

Refining your online presence to achieve maximum visibility and economy is a slow process, but the long-term ROI is absolutely unbeatable.

Could you wait? Sure. But if you take action in six months, you'll end up regretting the delay ⁠⁠— so why not take action right now?
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