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What are the benefits of an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is an essential service for your website.

Just like your car, every website needs a regular tune-up. Slow page speeds, broken links, site errors — problems happen, but SEO audits solve them.

An SEO audit keeps your website heading where it needs to go, delivering a positive experience for your customers, driving conversions, and staying on top of the Google algorithm.
Our SEO audits provide:
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Increased search engine results visibility
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Improved crawlability and indexation management
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Qualified traffic to your site
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A more positive UX for a better customer experience
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Stronger search engine optimisation
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Optimised targeting of the most profitable keywords for your business
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New potential revenue opportunities
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Better content targeted to your users
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Higher conversions and engagement
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Strong information architecture

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What does an SEO audit involve?

Our SEO audits are comprehensive and far-reaching, backed by industry-standard SEO tools and years of expertise and insight. Our SEO audit explores your site to deliver concrete actions that will take your organic search visibility to new heights.

Once our SEO site audit is complete, we deliver clear, solid actions to transform your website and take it to the next level.

Here’s how our SEO audit gets there:

Crawl your website using the latest SEO tools
Discover and resolve crawlability and indexation issues
Identify opportunities for stronger information architecture
Identify, amend, and trim thin and duplicate content
Search for profitable keyword optimisation opportunities
Get the tactics we use on our own sites and assets
Spot opportunities for page updates
Measure and optimise page speed

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Organic is the real deal and you need to get real. An SEO audit is the perfect place to start.