Seeker's Brand New Link Building For PR Course

Designed for ambitious in-house PR teams looking for that technical edge.

Learn the latest link best practices on our bespoke link building for PRs course.

- Learn how to get max SEO value from your PR campaigns
- Designed for in-house PR teams looking for a technical edge
- 4 hours of bespoke training with Gareth Simpson


We’ll show you how to tell a good link from a bad one, gain more traffic, futureproof your backlink profile and take your online visibility to new levels.

It’s all about creating a reason for people to link to you. Our training is designed to help you find the brand stories that will get you published, mentioned, featured and linked to in the publications that matter in your niche.

Upskill your team with training that has been designed with the requirements of in-house PR teams in mind. Learn to take the assets and great content you already have and build a strategy to attract links.

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Empower your internal PR team to increase search traffic with Seeker’s brand new link building for PR course, designed for in-house PR teams looking for a technical edge.

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