BrightonSEO in 23 Tweets

27 July 2021

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What would BrightonSEO be without the Twitter buzz?

As usual, last week’s event was documented on SEO Twitter, with tips, opinions, and useful tweets from the Twittersphere as it happened in real-time.

We’ve selected 23 of the best tweets from summer’s BrightonSEO, from the most useful and interesting to the weirdest and the funniest. Enjoy!


Fascinating insights on the bright side of the year of COVID, with online marketplaces the not-so surprise winners of 2020.


A day of firsts for our own Tilly Haines—her first BrightonSEO and her first talk too!


Who else has been to more virtual conferences than in-person ones? COVID put a dampener on real-life SEO fun, but we haven’t let it stop us in the last 18 months!


So much knowledge, from practical and actionable top tips on SEO-developer relationships from Billie Geena…


…to fascinating, behind-the-scenes insights into pitching from Surena Chande.


Andy Chadwick kept it real with a recreation of his journey to Brighton.


SiteVisibility were on it as usual with their collation of all the talks, tips, and advice from the event. If you want to see the slides from any talks or you’re a speaker with slides to add, check this page out!


This conference’s talks went beyond SEO, spanning neurodiversity in the industry with an excellent talk from Hannah Butcher…


…to diversity and inclusion in SEO from Azeem—important and welcome subjects at this year’s event.


Good advice, both for SEOs and dishwasher owners!


Matt Seabridge hits the nail on the head! Congrats to all the talented (and brave!) speakers this year.


More insights into on-point outreach from Laura Wilson, getting plenty of nods of agreement from attendees like Laura D’amato!


More speaker support from a supportive industry. Lots of actionable value from this summer’s conference!


Special shout-out to Tilly for an amazing talk—thanks to everyone who managed to attend! Great to watch her chatting automation, AI, and agencies with the expert Q&A panel on Thursday afternoon —the Seeker team were listening in and cheering her on in the office!


We have to agree with this one, T-E-A would be a much better acronym!


An in-depth look at user intent that addresses the complexities of doing SEO for real people making real queries.


Big thanks to Gemma Flinders for putting this excellent and useful article together!


Surena Chande’s talk was insightful and on-point—definitely worth checking out her slide deck!


Shout out to BrightonSEO for championing gender balance in conferences once again!


Pimms and online conferences, a match made in heaven?


Interesting insights into the truth about nofollow links from Sarah Fleming—busting link myths with hard stats and facts.


If you can’t go to the beach, why not bring the beach to you?


Finally, a big shout-out and thanks to Kelvin and the BrightonSEO team for doing what they do so well and so consistently! We had a blast and can’t wait for the next one!

That’s a wrap! BrightonSEO is over until autumn. Full of insightful talks, talented speakers and, as noted, plenty of great tweets, we’re already looking forward to the next one!

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