The Cash-Strapped Marketer’s Guide To SEO

17 September 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Helen Pollitt, Head of Digital at Avenue Digital, gave an insightful talk on the best ways to maximise your SEO ROI when working with small budgets.

Witty and knowledgeable, Helen shared valuable, actionable tips on making a big impact in the SERPs with just a little budget — explaining to an audience of 10,000 (presentation in-joke, sorry) how to get inventive with limited resources to generate results.


Speaker’s name: Helen Pollitt
Job role and company: Head of Digital at Avenue Digital
Link to Twitter profile: @HelenPollitt1
Link to LinkedIn profile:
Link to the slides:

What was the talk about?

This was a talk for anyone who has ever found themselves in a competitive industry trying to make a difference in their organic acquisition with very little budget, time or resources. Helen provided plenty of actionable tips for cash-strapped marketers trying to maximise SEO ROI.

Helen’s step-by-step guide on small-budget SEO included:

Step 1: Assess. Do a gap analysis of your resources. Do you have in-house support and resources? What are your personal strengths and where does your team excel?
Step 2: Strategy. Start small, think outside the box, look for niches, ignore SEO “best practice” and prioritise what is most important.
Step 3: Implement. Do competitor research, use custom search engines on Google, and find your missing content through content gap analysis. Be sure to educate and get others onside when it comes to SEO, as well as mining your partnerships (such as with your dev team) to swap skillsets and resources.

Overall, it was a hugely valuable, well-presented talk on how best to do small-budget SEO.

Favourite quote

‘Ignore SEO “best practice” when working with small budgets.’

Potential impact on the industry

Whether you’re part of an agency working with limited client budgets, work in-house at a small business, or you’re a small business owner yourself, it’s not always easy to implement the big-ticket advice that is heard at events and conferences. However, this doesn’t have to mean that SEO is out of reach.

Helen provided practical tips and strategies in her talk to tackle budget restrictions, time restraints, and a lack of resources or depth of knowledge. By implementing Helen’s step-by-step SEO strategy, marketers working with small budgets or limited resources can still get great results.

Key takeaways

  1. Ignore “best practice” when it comes to working with small budgets. Don’t just focus on optimising page title lengths and word-counts because this isn’t where you’re going to make big wins, and can distract from activities that will actually benefit your SEO efforts.
  2. Always set expectations and don’t forget to look at online competitors.
  3. Prioritise quick wins — focus on what is important and achievable for your business or clients.


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