How To Actually Measure The Impact Of Digital PR Coverage

19 September 2019

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In this digital PR talk full of tangible advice and plenty of cake analogies, Digital PR Specialist Fran Griffin spoke to an eager audience all about how we can actually quantify and report on the impact of digital PR coverage — and why a dofollow link isn’t the only measure of success.

Fran’s talk was full of insight and useful information about how best to serve coverage results to your clients — particularly those who are focused on SEO and getting links.


Speaker’s name: Fran Griffin
Job role and company: Digital PR Specialist at Honcho
Link to Twitter profile: @FrannGriffin
Link to LinkedIn profile:
Link to the slides:

What was the talk about?

We all know that links are important. But in Digital PR, top tier coverage isn’t always guaranteed to include one. So how do we prove and measure the value of a client name or campaign mention on a tier-one website? What does being in a newspaper or magazine really mean for your client and how do you quantify this for them?

Fran’s talk covered the purpose of PR and the metrics that matter, aiming to provide the audience with a fresh outlook on what digital PRs do, as well as teaching us how to properly measure campaigns and coverage.

As SEO is technical and PR is creative, how do we measure them in the same way? Fran’s answer is that, essentially, we can’t; these are two very different tactics with different KPIs, so we need to prioritise certain metrics (brand searches, social media engagement and quantity of coverage) and care less about others (AVE, links and TF, DA or CF).

Fran also highlighted that we need to remember the wider awareness that coverage can achieve beyond SEO. Digital PR was coined by the SEO industry, but digital PRs are not link builders — it’s much more than that.

Fran also taught us how to frame this for clients. If you’re lucky, you might have a client that understands digital PR and recognises the value in a mention, not just a link; after all, coverage is coverage (and cake is cake). But nine times out of 10, clients won’t, so you’re left trying to explain where the budget went and trying to quantify the benefits of coverage. Fran’s talk gave solid answers and valuable insights that will undoubtedly help digital PRs in the future.

Favourite quote

“Cake is cake and coverage is coverage.”

“Digital PR is not just link building.”

“Good PR isn’t always ideal SEO.”

Potential impact on the industry

Fran’s talk focused on being able to measure the impact of coverage, reporting digital PR in the right way, and tracking it properly — all crucial to proving its worth within the SEO and digital marketing world.

Plus, Google’s latest announcement might mean more recognition from Google for nofollow links from March 2020, so finding the right ways of measuring and reporting digital PR rather than placing all value on dofollow links is a wise move.

Key takeaways

  1. Good PR isn’t always ideal SEO: SEO impact is only half the story, and Digital PR is not just link building.
  2. There is no set answer to measuring PR in the same way that there is no perfect cake recipe: tailor your reports to the client’s individual tastes and objectives.
  3. Never apologise for not getting a link.
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