10 Tips To Scale Link Building – Sam Morton

10 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

In this talk, Sam Morton offered 10 expert tips to help marketers enhance how they go about building links for their clients.


What was the talk about?

Sam Morton started by showing the audience that a move to upscale your link building from a small (micro) to a large (macro) process is not simply doing the same thing on a larger scale. To help out, Morton offered these 10 handy tips:

  1. Make sure your staff are trained up and can handle the transition.
  2. Expand your databases – Go to resource and competitor sites to create larger databases.
  3. Categorise and tag your databases by industry.
  4. Find out what articles are contained in these sites – Bulk drop them into a google custom search engine.
  5. Get influencers on board by finding their niche – Use their twitter profile pic in a google image search to find any collaborative articles they have done.
  6. Use outreach tools (i.e. Pitchbox, Ninja Outreach, Buzzstream) and get an outreach manager.
  7. Create more personas than you need (make specific ones for the different niches).
  8. Use your competitor sites to ascertain which sites to interact with. Also analyse their content (what works? What doesn’t?).
  9. Check your links – check for 404s and redirect them. You can do this by batch dropping your databases into tools like Screaming Frog and AH refs batch analysis tool.
  10. For video marketing, set your google alerts – If vloggers have not transcribed their videos, get a content writer to do so. The influencer can then be contacted with the link to your transcription which they will often put on their blog.

Fave quote

“When you go across to macro you can see there are a lot more layers in this process and if you try and scale micro into macro… you’ll start to see big cracks developing in your process.”

Potential impact on the industry

Upscaling can happen at any size of agency. This can be as a result of gaining more clients or because of landing bigger ones. It is therefore important that all agencies know how to upscale in some capacity to avoid stagnation.

Key takeaways

  • Expand your databases.
  • Edit and categorise them.
  • Tools are your friends! Use them for outreach and for finding dead links.
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