Corvidae: Identifying New Customer Acquisition Opportunities – Ross Paton

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Identifying new opportunities for winning customers is both vital and challenging. Churn is a nightmare, but so is parsing huge amounts of data. What if you could use machine learning to speed things up? Well, you can: Ross Paton explained how.


What was the talk about?

This talk was delivered by Ross Paton, Software Team Lead at QueryClick. He provided a whistlestop tour of QueryClick’s Corvidae data-insight platform, a handy tool that uses machine learning to merge data silos which in turn highlights customer acquisition opportunities at the lowest cost possible.

Fave quote

“Every pound invested gets more back.”

Potential impact on the industry

Machine learning was a recurring theme at this April’s BrightonSEO, and with good reason. It speeds up processes and returns accurate and actionable results. When new customer acquisition opportunities are at stake, machine learning is a crucial idea to get to grips with.

According to Ross, Corvidae uses machine learning to improve your data quality by leveraging attribution modelling. The tool shows errors in channel attribution and provides a clearer picture of what channels are providing the most revenue. As a result, businesses will be able to concentrate their spend on the channels that provide the most value.

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