How To Marie Kondo Your SEO – Rebekah Dunne

08 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Rebekah Dunne’s approach to spring cleaning is to strip away the unnecessary elements on your site, and in this talk she explained just how she does it. The better you are at tidying up your website, the more efficiently you can work, and the more optimized you can make it.


What was the talk about?

Marie Kondo is an organisation consultant, author, and Netflix superstar. The KonMari method is a system of organising and simplifying your home by getting rid of items that no longer bring joy to your life. Rebekah Dunne from Victoria Plumbing argues that you can adopt the same approach to your SEO.

Potential impact on the industry

A lot of people get overly sentimental or attached to their work, which means letting it go when it isn’t working can be hard. By taking the KonMari method to your projects and campaigns, you can kill your darlings and make SEO more efficient.

This works for keywords, search terms and backlinks, and involves using tools to look at what worked in the past.

Keywords and search terms

Check your Google Analytics and tools like Moz, then make a list of everything that has worked exceptionally well. This will give you a good idea of what topics and what search terms you want to build on.

Put your top navigation search terms into Google Trends. These will be the categories that you should deem the most important. Putting these search terms into Google Trends will help you see what is gaining in popularity, what is declining, and which terms you should focus on for your top navigation.

Ask your PPC team. If you’re lucky enough to have a PPC team, ask them for help. They should have a list of the keywords that have the best conversion rates for paid ads, which will aid your SEO efforts.

Put every search term into AnswerThePublic. This will provide hundreds of thousands of keywords and search terms. Putting these into Moz’s keyword tool will allow you to find the most popular. From this, you can gain a better understanding of your users, allowing you to create and optimise content based on intent.


To assess your backlinks, put your site through a tool like Majestic. Once you have a full list of all your backlinks, open them up and ask yourself: “Would I want a person to come to my site from here?”. If the site is not of a high enough quality, or does not look nice enough, it might be time to ask Google to disavow the link.

Key takeaways

  • People get attached to their work, even when it’s not working.
  • Taking the KonMari method can make SEO more efficient.
  • It works for auditing your keywords and backlinks.
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