Building an SEO Exponential Growth model by Closing Your Content Gaps – Razvan Gavrilas

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Razvan Gavrilas of cognitiveSEO offered this session on how to identify and secure high rankings by closing your content gaps and building an ongoing SEO framework.


What was the talk about?

We all know that search engines love content and that inspires SEOs to create as much of it as possible. However, while the temptation is to create brand new copy, one of the best ways you can boost your ranking is to optimise the existing content on your website. And the good thing about adapting your own copy is that there are lots of ways you can improve it, as Razvan Gavrilas explained.

Razvan started with search intent (a theme across a diverse range of the talks we attended at BrightonSEO). He stated that there are four main types of searcher intent, each of which requires different types of optimisation.

  • Informational
  • Transactional
  • Navigational
  • Quick knowledge

However, while these building blocks provide the meat of your strategy, they weren’t the thing that really stuck in our minds. And what was that thing? It was Razvan’s revelation that you can extract real search volume using Google Adwords – for free. The way you do this is to enter a maximum CPC when looking at a forecast.

Building an SEO Exponential Growth model by Closing Your Content Gaps

Fave quote

“Gaps can be filled by optimising existing content as well as creating new content – eating our own dog food.”

Building an SEO Exponential Growth model by Closing Your Content Gaps

Potential impact on the industry

How much of your SEO strategy is devoted to optimising existing content? Our suggestion is that after absorbing the advice of Razvan Gavrilas you’ll be spending a lot more time on the copy you already have. Why? Because it’s simpler and quicker to add an extra 10% of value to something you already have than to create brand new content.

Key takeaways

  • Use Google Adwords to get real search volume
  • Fill content gaps by optimising your existing copy
  • Think about search intent while optimising


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