Sexy AF SEO Revenue Growth With Your Discontinued Products – Luke Carthy

10 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Few things get business people hotter under the collar than revenue growth (perhaps only revenue slump). Boosting company’s bank balance isn’t always about reinventing the wheel, sometimes it’s about finding spanners and removing them. Luke Carthy’s talk demonstrated that even products that you’re no longer selling can boost your revenue – so long as you know how to leverage them.


What was the talk about?

Luke used the examples of Argos and Curry’s in his talk. He revealed that both companies have hundreds of links that point to dead products. These spanners are often replaced by 301 redirects, however, Luke explained that an explainer page was used instead of this. With this tactic both Argos and Curry’s saw massive growth.

This wasn’t the only thing of Luke’s list of recommendations, as he also recommended that you:

  • Exclude discontinued products from internal search.
  • Engage visitors on entry – offer your best deals and show USPS.

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Fave quote

“Keep all the original content to keep indexability up. Just offer product alternatives and create a good UX.”

Potential impact on the industry

While tactics, strategies, styles, and approaches all have an impact, the one thing that truly leaves a lasting imprint on an industry is a change in revenue. As Luke’s talk not only explains how to increase revenue for your clients, but how to do it simply, we’re expecting a lot of agencies to be recommending that explainer pages replace 301 redirects.

Key takeaways

  • Use explainer pages over 301 redirects.
  • Engage visitors on entry.
  • Exclude discontinued products from internal search.

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