Perfect Outcomes: Create Amazing Websites 10x Faster With Rapid Prototyping – Justin Taylor

10 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Creating and launching a website is an arduous and time-consuming process, so any inefficiency in the method can compound, proving extremely costly. This talk from Justin Taylor covered how rapid prototyping can speed things up enormously.


Link to the slides:

What was the talk about?

Traditional website wireframing is ineffective, because those early skeletons don’t resemble the final designs. It leads to extensive cycling between testing and rebuilding. If you move the design phase to the beginning, using a tool like Adobe XD to create a representative wireframe, you can produce superior results in much less time.

Fave quote

On design teams: “These guys get it. Designers really understand what websites or visual communication is all about, because they’ve been trained in it. They’ve spent years at university and working in agencies. They understand probably better than anybody what motivates people: what engages and intrigues consumers.”


Potential impact on the industry

Tools like Adobe XD or Invision make it possible to do away with the slow process of sending wireframes back and forth. Clients end up happier because they get to see what things will actually look like, changes can be made rapidly, and the comprehensive prototypes can more easily be adapted to functional websites.

Key takeaways

  • Rapid prototyping is about converting ideas directly into designs with no wireframing.
  • Once the prototype has passed testing, you can move to development.
  • You can save time using repeating grids and a plugin to draw data from Google Sheets.
  • A plugin called Stark lets you test with filters for colourblind users.
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