Why We All Should Stop Ignoring Bing – Julia Logan

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Bing has spent a lot of time as the butt of the joke, but it doesn’t deserve it these days. In this talk, Julia Logan explained why caring about Bing is worth your while, and what you can learn from it that you can’t glean from Google. Most notable were the stats showing that blind tests favour Bing over Google. If Google’s brand ever proves insufficient to sustain it, there might be space for an upset!



Potential impact on the industry

As we all know, Google keeps making life harder for SEOs, squeezing websites out of the SERPs and replacing them with featured snippets. Bing is also investing in rich results, but largely doing them better. What’s more, with a lower market share, Bing has less negotiating power, and could have a stronger relationship with the SEO community than Google has. Wouldn’t we all benefit from having two viable engines instead of just one?

Key takeaways

  • In blind tests across the UK, Germany, and France, users preferred Bing over Google.
  • Bing’s rich results look and perform better than Google’s.
  • There’s a lot to gain from giving Bing some attention.

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