Why Google Isn’t Giving Update Advice Anymore – John Warner

10 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

We don’t receive as many updates from Google as we once did, and the rate wasn’t all that rapid to begin with. John Warner believes he knows why, and explained his theory in this talk: the key is automated machine learning.


What was the talk about?

John Warner has something he calls a conspiracy theory: that Google is preparing (both legally and technologically) to pass the development of its ranking algorithm to a machine learning process. This will fundamentally change how SEOs need to work.

Fave quote

“Future machine intelligences will not be programmed.”

Potential impact on the industry

If machine learning takes over, named updates will disappear altogether. Instead, updates will be frequent and opaque sums of automated tweaks. Without any specific feedback from Google staff, SEOs will need to understand the generalities better to succeed.

Key takeaways

  • The most important development is that of neural networks.
  • EAT is key for the future of search.
  • Link origin will get more significant: look past DA and focus on relevance.
  • Schema.org is set to start updating every month.
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