Is There A Demand to Launch Your Business Overseas? – James Brown

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Advice on how to establish which parts of the globe you can expand your business to, from an SEO Strategist who has worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet – Apple, Telegraph Media Group, Mazda, and more.


Speaker’s name: James Brown

Job role and company: SEO Strategist at Oban International

Links to Twitter profile: @ObanIntl


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What was the talk about?

James Brown had a simple premise for this talk about a difficult topic – how can you establish which parts of the globe you can expand your business to? Often people want to take their company into the US or Chinese markets, but do their customers want your business? James demonstrated how to find the answer to this.

Start by using the audience tab from your Google Analytics suite. This shows allows you to filter by location and which global regions are visiting your website. You should also go onto Google and Amazon and see what regional sites are active there – to give you an idea of who your competitors are. Two of the best suggestions he made was to launch a microsite first, or to partner with a local business – spreading and lessening the risk.

Fave quote

“If you launch your business overseas are you even wanted there?”

Potential impact on the industry

While James’ talk looked at how to find if there’s a market for your business abroad, the most important lesson was about native SEO. James explained that before you can even think about going global, you need to get the SEO on your website right because if you don’t you have no chance of expanding into a new market.

Once you’ve got your house in order, it’s all about regional UX. For example, Western websites are image heavy and text light, while Chinese ones are the opposite.

Key takeaways

  • Use the locations tab on Google Analytics
  • Look at regional UX before moving into a market
  • Get your native SEO in order before going global
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