Data Science Analysis Guide – George Karapalidis

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

If you don’t understand what you’ve already achieved (and how you managed it), you can’t accurately gauge what you’ll accomplish in the future. This talk from data scientist George Karapalidis gives you the keys to learning from the past so you can make progress towards your goals.


What was the talk about?

George outlined how SEO and SEM is changing, and why we all need to start looking at them from a data scientist’s perspective. To start with, our data analysis should be exploratory, identifying metrics that are actually relevant to our SEO issue and eschewing those that aren’t. By spotting patterns in our data and events and analysing historic and current trends through the use of exponential smoothing (ETS), we can make accurate predictions for our future SEO/SEM strategy.

Fave quote

“SEO is changing — think like a data scientist.”

Potential impact on the industry

Machine learning is a hot topic, and when you’ve got a grasp on it, you can use it to predict your future performance. The more you know about where you stand, the easier it will be to course-correct!

An image of Albert Einstein is shown next to one of his quotes.

Key takeaways

  • Only use valuable data — jettison the superfluous.
  • Identify important events that matter to your strategy.
  • Be flexible with your predictive models.
  • Regularly perform multichannel attribution analysis.
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