How to Repurpose Existing Content to Help your Strategy – Coral Luck

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

In this talk, Coral Luck, Head of Content at Ricemedia, showed us how to get even more value from content, squeezing and shaking it to help boost the value of your website. Here’s a quick overview of her tactics – each of which are relatively straightforward to replicate.


Replicate existing blogs for outreach

This is a quick way to obtain links, brand awareness, coverage, and trust flow. However, choosing the right content is crucial. Look at Twitter, Google News, Google Trends, and find out what is popular. Consider your audience and who you are targeting. Do you want to get in national, regional or trade publications? Once you’ve decided that, create a press release and send the outreach emails, being careful to personalise every message.

Boost pages via Google Analytics and Search Console

Google Search Console and Analytics can help you find your top performing pages and keywords. Using this insight and evaluating it against your competitors, you can spot where your existing content can be improved to perform even better. Rewrite pages so they are better than your rivals, but remember to stick to your unique tone of voice.

Optimise content for featured snippets

According to statistics cited by Coral, snippets receive 32% of total clicks within SERPS and Wikipedia lost 21% of its traffic when Google introduced the feature. Again, look at Google Search Console for keywords, find queries using the AnswerThePublic tool, and study your competitors to see if they already have a snippet. Then, rewrite copy on pages that target key long tail keywords in your niche, answering key questions and including the question in the answer; for example, a tennis bracelet is…

Turn content into newsletters

Newsletters increase traffic and help generate more leads and sales. To take advantage of this form of content, anaylse Google Analytics to find your top performing blog posts, create a roundup of them together with industry news and information about new products and services to produce a newsletter. To create an email newsletter that gets your customers/subscribers to click, craft an interesting subject line, make it visually appealing, and include links to your repurposed content to generate traffic.

Make sure you always fetch and render

The fetch and render feature on Google’s Webmaster Tools allows you to tell the search engine’s web crawlers which version of your new pages to look at. When you submit a URL using this method, a Googlebot will crawl it within one day, allowing you to easily avoid potential indexing issues before they occur.

Key takeaways

  • Repurposing existing content represents a quick win.
  • New content is still very important.
  • Use data you have on existing content to boost rankings.
  • Always fetch and render freshly published content.
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