How To Drive SEO Impact In Google’s Linkless Algorithm – Chris Liversidge

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Now that Google is relying increasingly-heavily on factors unrelated to direct backlinks, you need insight into boosting your rankings through unfamiliar means. In this talk, Chris Liversidge offered examples of how you can get ahead without backlinks.


What was the talk about?

Google has confirmed on various occasions that it pays attention to social signals, tying into a general move to lessen the overwhelming importance of backlinks. In the future, Google might barely use traditional links to rank sites, so you need to be prepared. The tips provided make that a lot easier to deal with.

Fave quote

On metadata:

“Think about the intent of your term, and use data to tell you what’s going wrong. On enterprise-level sites, it’s fast, drives clicks, don’t need to think about ranking changes, gets you into a positive feedback loop. If you’re in the top positions with a worse-than-expected click-through rate, you’re gonna get dropped back out, and the flipside is true.”

Potential impact on the industry

Link-building is in flux, and no one is entirely sure what’s going to happen with it. While you should build links, you must also think about such things as referring domains and social mentions. The broader your strategy, the more it will hold up in the long run.

Key takeaways

  • Content marketing is still growing rapidly.
  • Metadata optimization can have very fast results.
  • Eradicate cannibalisation wherever you see it.
  • Use SKU-level bidding to properly analyse shopping result performance.
  • Look at search volatility before trying to compete for a top position.
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