The Russian Digital Opportunity – Anna Milburn

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Assuming you haven’t yet marketed your company in Russia, it’s a huge untapped market just waiting for you to make a move. Is it difficult to succeed in Russia as a foreign business? Absolutely, but that makes it all the more significant if you can pull it off.


What was the talk about?

Russia is the world’s largest country and 76.1% of its population has internet access – that’s over 109 million people you could reach. Anna Milburn’s looked at this maturing digital market and explained that there a world of opportunity to be found in this Eurasian Goliath.

First things first, Anna was clear on the differences you need to be aware of. Russia does things differently to the Western world, with Yandex the most popular search engine and Russian language platforms dominating the digital landscape. However, you must also be aware of the regional differences – for example, Russia has 11 time zones.

With such a large country and a host of new platforms to deal with, you’d be forgiven for feeling nervous about the workload involved in harnessing Russia’s digital potential. Thankfully, Anna listed a step-by-step plan of action for you to implement:

A screenshot of a slide from The Russian Digital Opportunity

Fave quote

“85% of Russian internet users access the internet every day (vs 86% in the US).”

Potential impact on the industry

Russia is a huge country with a large and extremely digitised population, but breaking into the market will take a lot of work. The potential impact could see a growth in companies that look into Yandex optimisation, along with examining the nuances of Russian social platforms – in short, there’s plenty of new and exciting SEO work to be done! You can learn more about how to target the Russian market from Anna’s guide on How To Target Russian Travellers.

Key takeaways

  • Look at Yandex optimisation.
  • Be aware of the 11 different time zones in Russia.
  • Check the Russian seasonality.
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