Etail Content Strategy Building – Alexandre Sigoigne

09 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

Writing and distributing content to drive ecommerce is supremely challenging. You need to maintain a schedule, provide value, and bring that value back through driving conversions. This talk will detail how you can create a powerful etail content strategy.


What was the talk about?

In his first appearance at BrightonSEO, and maiden talk in English, French SEO expert Alexandre Sigoigne explained how ecommerce sites need more content. But it’s not only the volume that’s important, it’s the quantity, and this is how you can source it from your rivals.

Begin with SERP analysis and use this as the starting point for your keyword research. With this in place, you must then review the page type and content type elements on your competitors’ sites – what’s getting more traffic? Then match this to search intent analysis to establish how to persuade your target audience to click-through to your pages, not your competitors.

It sounds straight-forward, but once you’ve got all these things in place you need to start writing content to drive up traffic. How much? Well, Alexandre’s company, Mypose, adopted this strategy for one client and wrote 100 pieces of content a month for a year. And was it worth it? Their client’s traffic increased from 36k visitors a week to 780k.

Fave quote

“What you need is time.”

Potential impact on the industry

As with many things in life, time is a vital part of a successful SEO strategy. Alexandre Sigoigne offered plenty of useful tips and tricks in his talk, but none will make a difference without if they’re rushed through. Perhaps, the impact of this approach is that if clients want to see results they’ll have to wait for them.

Key takeaways

  • Write lots of content
  • Use categorised SERP analysis
  • You can’t rush your approach


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