BrightonSEO September 2019 Tools & Resources To Bookmark

12 September 2019

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We all love a good recommendation, and BrightonSEO is a great place to pick up your new favourite SEO tool or resource.

Here are some tools and resources to bookmark from the lovely Seekers.

From talks to training, we have all the hottest ones covered…


Need a tool that tells you what content is being shared and how people are engaging with it? Look no further than Buzzsumo.

Recommended by Laura Crimmons during her Digital PR training, Buzzsumo is a fantastic tool for collecting killer content insights. It’s the industry standard in content research and monitoring, and a vital tool if you want to create content that ranks.


Hotjar is a nifty little tool for determining user intent. Starting from 89 USD a month, Hotjar is great for anybody taking website analytics seriously. This one was recommended on the Copywriting for SEO training course by Emily Hill.


For people looking for a good crawler and excellent substitute for Google Search Console, Sitebulb is a viable option. Great for data visualisation. Recommended in the SEO Auditing training session.

Hitwise AudienceView

Looking for a tool that uses daily customer data to give you insights into their buying habits and behaviours? Hitwise AudienceView is perfect for just that.

Amazon reviews

It’s easy to forget how useful Amazon actually is, and not just when it comes to buying stuff. In her September 2019 BrightonSEO talk, Understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm, Katherine Khoo explained that quantity is more important than quality when it comes to Amazon reviews.


Conductor claims to help you “create marketing that matters.” How does it do this? With an organic marketing platform that helps you to get to know your customers better, measures how your content is performing across all channels, and provides live stream insights.

Answer The Public

Keyword research remains the cornerstone of any successful SEO strategy and Answer The Public is one of the best tools for this. It gives you data from Bing and Google searches, helping you to establish the topics your target audience are really interested in.

Infinite Suggest

Another great recommendation from Laura Hampton. A free Google keyword tool that allows you to easily collate all the People Also Ask boxes.


Visual content is more engaging than text: fact. It’s simpler for your audience to absorb, which means it resonates quicker and sticks in their minds longer. Visme is a free design tool that allows you to create infographics, presentations, and other types of visual content.

The Dots

Are you a freelancer looking for a project or a business searching for a creative to help with a campaign? The Dots can connect you in seconds. It’s a network of professionals used by thousands of brands a platform that gives digitals a way of getting credit for their work.


Whether you want to a hire a creative, or advertise your inventive digital portfolio, Dribble can help. It covers pros from the animation, branding, illustration, mobile, print, product design, typography, and web design.

Visualising Data

Not a tool per see, but just as useful if you’re seeking data visualisation inspo. Visualising Data has an enormous collection of monthly digests that include links to helpful articles, making it an invaluable learning resource.


Founded by Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, SparkToro is a Swiss army tool. It currently offers three free tools that allow you to get more out of the wealth of data held by Twitter.

Ahrefs – Content Explorer

Any SEO worth their salt knows the value of Ahrefs, but copywriters can get an enormous amount of value from the tool: specifically, from the Content Explorer feature. It’s perfect for creating skyscraper content, as it gives you all the key details about high-ranking articles in a given subject.


Keeping up to speed with the social chatter about your brand is essential – if you don’t you’ll miss opportunities and fail to catch user dissatisfaction before it’s too late. Talkwalker listens to every social channel and it does so in 187 languages, making it a must-have social tool.


Sure, you’ve heard of Reddit, but are you making the most of it? Reddit is a brilliant way of finding out what your target is really talking about, making it a great tool for keyword research and marketing campaigns.


Sprinklr is a social listening tool that helps you to create more intuitive, engaging, and human experiences for your customers. Not convinced? Sprinklr works with 50 percent of the Fortune 50.


Losing only one second of load speed could cost your site 20% of its traffic, and affect your revenue. GTmetrix is a free tool that reviews your site page speed, then tells you how to make it quicker.

Fresh Web Explorer

One of the many great free tools from the ever-useful Moz, Fresh Web Explorer allows you to analyse the latest mentions of the terms that are important to your business. This means you can find out what people are saying about your brand, products, and industry in an instant.

Jungle Scout

Speaking from experience, if you’re conducting product research you need access to Amazon’s sales figures. While Jungle Scout doesn’t give you everything (Amazon simply wouldn’t allow this), it gives you invaluable data that tells you how a product is performing on Amazon.


One of our favourite tool discoveries from BrightonSEO September 2019, Ratemycontent is a brilliant free tool that tells you if the content on your website is offering value to your readers. How does it do this? By scoring your language, explaining who the content is really speaking to, and telling you what tense you’re talking in.

These are just a few of the great tools we’ve discovered and learned more about during our time attending BrightonSEO. Check out our favourite tools from BrightonSEO April 2019 to find even more useful tidbits…

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