We Played BrightonSEO Bingo To Raise Money For Young Enterprise

18 April 2019

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Last Friday saw the Seeker team take the long journey down to the jewel of the south coast, Brighton, for the biannual search conference like no other that is BrightonSEO. But aside from being a chance to savour some SEO savvy, schmooze, and catch-up with old friends, it was also a great opportunity to raise money for charity. Here’s what we got up to.

With last year’s charity partnership being so successful, we decided to stick with what works and revamp our Seeker bingo into a brand-new scavenger hunt.

BrightonSEO bingo

The task was simple: take a photo of as many classic BrightonSEO sights as we could manage. For every full line we completed, Seeker would donate £5 towards our charity of choice.

Unfortunately, between checking out the many great sponsors and taking copious notes for our BrightonSEO roundup posts, we weren’t able to get enough lines for the full amount. But that didn’t stop us from donating a solid £220 to Young Enterprise – go team!

Why did we choose Young Enterprise?

Seeker Digital prides itself on helping people get ahead and get into marketing. Our internship programme has grown rapidly in the past year, and we look forward to welcoming more interns to our ranks in 2019. So it seemed like a natural choice to partner with Young Enterprise.

Young Enterprise is a UK charity dedicated to empowering young people to pursue their dream careers by providing them with skills, knowledge and, above all, confidence in themselves.

And the Seeker values are not dissimilar to the aims of Young Enterprise. We have a passion for what we do — doing it because we love it. Similarly, we embrace growth, encouraging personal development both within the team and as individuals — we grow together.

BrightonSEO: where passion comes together

At BrightonSEO, these shared values collide. Because BrightonSEO is about more than coming together to educate, learn, and connect with like-minded people from the industry. It’s about nurturing and supporting our peers,

Our scavenger hunt featured a diverse variety of sights to snap. But between the furious seagulls and free doughnuts, there were some notable sights we had to catch that represented what Young Enterprise is all about.

Take the awestruck BrightonSEO newbie, for example. We all remember our first time at BrightonSEO. Many of us were lucky to attend early on in our digital marketing careers, blown away by the erudition and friendliness of the speakers, attendees, and sponsors.

A hyped first-time speaker is also a fine example of what Young Enterprise is all about. Getting a place on a BrightonSEO stage is no easy feat. You have to prove your worth as a speaker, showing that you know your stuff and have the experience to back it up.

Young Enterprise helps young people achieve that, giving them the confidence to pursue their passion and excel in their field. And the SEO legend entry in our scavenger hunt exemplifies the talent that Young Enterprise fosters, nurturing young people’s potential and turning them into the thought leaders of tomorrow.

BrightonSEO is where growth, passion, self-empowerment, and support come together. The SEO industry as a whole is about sharing knowledge and helping others get ahead, regardless of their background. This April’s conference was a perfect example of what we love about the industry and a fine reminder that all of us in the world of SEO do it because we love it. See you in September!

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