Green Fingers: Seeker Volunteers at Easton Community Garden

26 April 2018

Posted in: Culture

This April saw the team at Seeker Digital roll up their sleeves and get stuck in at Easton Community Garden for a day of gardening.

Seeker goes green

A collaborate permaculture garden that grows fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, the garden is tucked down a tiny side street. It took us a little while to find it (my sense of direction leaves something to be desired), but Damo guided us back to the right path.

The garden itself is entirely permaculture. They follow a no-dig principle, which means that instead of disturbing the ground itself, they place soil on top to grow their many fruits and vegetables. There’s even a sign in the toilet (eco-friendly, of course) that recommends you reusing your urine in one of the garden’s many compost heaps! The pièce de résistance of the place though had to be the wattle and daub hut, handmade by volunteers years ago and still standing despite the elements. It really had to be seen to be believed.

Swap the desk for the dirt

The regular volunteers who tended the garden were very welcoming and knowledgeable, and taught even the most urban amongst us a thing or two about gardening. We started our day off on our hands and knees, pulling up weeds and seedlings growing between the beds. But we ended the day lugging wheelbarrows full of woodchip to and fro, distributing them evenly to form paths weaving around the beds. It was very physical work, and a far cry from the average 9-5 we’re used to! But we still all had a great day, and look forward to hopefully returning again soon.

Easton Community Garden is open every Thursday from 11-4 and welcomes volunteers of any experience, and we highly recommend getting involved.

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