A Behind The Scenes Look At Seeker’s Agency Culture

05 February 2021

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There’s lots to be proud about at Seeker: our results, our clients, and our growth as an agency. But I’m particularly proud of the culture we’ve developed and nurtured here too.

As Office Manager here at Seeker, I’ve helped build a culture that I’m proud of—even as we’re all still working from home!

Here, I talk about what I’m so proud about at Seeker, how we’ve maintained our agency culture during such a weird year, and what we’ve got planned for 2021.

What embodies Seeker culture for you?

One thing that really stands out at Seeker is that we genuinely care about our colleagues.

2020 wasn’t an easy year for anyone, not least because of the pandemic.

With the sudden and dramatic move to working from home and national restrictions in place, we all felt a little distant from each other.

We wanted to remind our colleagues that their wellness and happiness remained a priority during these challenging months.

We introduced regular check-ins in which I would speak with the entire team one-on-one to just see how they are, how they’re getting on, and if they needed anything to help them adjust to this new way of working.

Alongside this, we rolled out a wellness survey, which we used to determine the team’s overall thoughts and feelings about the new situation. We wanted not just to listen to our team, but to react to what they were thinking and feeling.

Further to this, we also arranged dedicated daily slots for teams to catch-up for fifteen minutes towards the end of the day, as well as a weekly coffee morning. These meetings are strictly non-work-related—they’re just a chance to get together and talk about anything and everything. We even joined Joe Wicks for a cheeky workout to boost our endorphins!

In short, caring is an essential part of Seeker culture, and something everyone who works here understands and values.

What does the future hold for Seeker’s agency culture?

In 2021, we are committed to making changes that build a positive future, both for the agency itself and our colleagues.

But this goes beyond our personal futures.

The role our agency plays in a wider sense is also of great importance.

The George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter movement made us take a step back. We took the moment to consider what we could do as an agency to make positive changes which had an impact beyond a personal level.

I was especially proud of our work around Black Lives Matter. We celebrated Black History Month within the agency, sharing useful and educational content on a dedicated Slack channel for the team. This was coupled with a dedicated BLM meeting to discuss the event, and we have an interview with the founders of Black Minds Matter in the pipeline.

Beyond this, we admit that we don’t always get things right. We’ve taken steps and tried strategies that didn’t work. But we have learned from our mistakes, and hope to build a better, more forward- and outward-looking agency culture in 2021.

What are you proud about from this year?

Despite such a turbulent year, there was still a lot to be proud of at Seeker.

As the lockdown took hold, in May we held our first Mental Health Awareness Week, with a full itinerary of events, activities, and guest speakers. We enjoyed talks from wellness experts and bloggers, plus loads of Zoom quizzes (featuring an amazing Destiny’s Child-themed quiz—it has to be seen to be believed), plus after-work virtual drinks on a Friday.

During the height of summer, we also held a photo competition, encouraging everyone to get out of the house (and away from our screens) to capture an image of something that made us feel good, with snaps ranging from our favourite Bristol vistas to lush fields filled with daisies. It was a simple idea, but an enjoyable one that brought us together.

I’m also particularly proud of our very first (and hopefully, only) virtual Christmas party! Who would have thought that a virtual party would even be possible, but we pulled it off, with competitions, games, and drinks, not to mention a free Deliveroo voucher in lieu of a proper Christmas meal out.

2020, you’ve been a weird one—but we pulled through as a team. Here’s to 2021!

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