Silver Linings & Reflections On 2020: The Year In Seeker

29 December 2020

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 2020 has been a wild year.

But gratitude is everything, and amongst all the trials and tribulations of 2020, there is also plenty to be thankful for.

I could quote the Greek philosopher Aristotle here, but I’ll be honest, the fictional greatest wizard of our time Albus Dumbledore is far more my vibe: “happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

We asked the Seekers what they were thankful for in 2020, and shared their thoughts for you below.

Lauren, Marketing Manager

“I’m grateful for life slowing down a bit. It’s enabled me to concentrate on personal goals, get outdoors and (although virtually) spend more time with family and friends.”

Elliot, Senior Copywriter

“One positive to an otherwise difficult lockdown was that it gave me the time and space to reassess and recalibrate how I approached my physical and mental health, a chance to prioritise self-care for a change. It also let me spend some meaningful quality time with friends (both those who live with me and virtually!) to create lasting memories of that strange pandemic summer.”

Becky J, SEO Executive

“I’m grateful that this year has made me slow down a little bit and get back in touch with people that I usually would drift away from. Everyone seems to be a little bit kinder to each other this year which is lovely. Also very grateful for the time to dedicate to some serious TV series binging, and learning to knit.”

Stevie, Content Manager

“The positive side of lockdown for me is that I have been at home for the first year of my son’s life. I have been able to play with him in the morning, take him for a walk at lunch. and just ‘be there’ a hell of a lot more than if life carried on as normal. Being cooped up indoors has been tricky, for sure, but I am very grateful for this silver lining.”

Maria, Project Manager

“I’m grateful for the fact that a lack of external distractions like travel has made me really reflect and focus on myself. This led me to understand what I need to do to be happy within myself without escapism, make some important changes and set goals.”

Laura, Senior Campaign Manager

“This year has been tough, to say the least. But I would be nowhere without Stephen. We had the stereotypical lockdown romance. Met in January, together in March, spent as much time as we could together in lockdown and decided to move in together in September. And the whole thing is laughable! Like, we have moved quickly. We’ve only been to a restaurant twice together. Twice! But it’s been a strange year and it’s made us all do “strange” things. And the truth is, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Alyssa, Finance Manager

“I’m grateful for takeaway and Netflix!”

Faye, SEO Manager

“I am, somewhat selfishly, super grateful that COVID means I get to spend Christmas with my twin for the first time in 5 years. I can’t say my life slowed down during lockdown, because it was pretty slow anyway— I’ve always loved doing nothing guilt-free, nor did I practice much self-care— but I did really enjoy lockdown, the many BBQs, the thoughtful birthdays, and spending lots of time with my friends.”

Jannica, UX Designer

“On so many levels, despite the horrors of Covid, for me personally this year has been the happiest and best year of my life. I’m with the love of my life, expecting a baby and just bought my first house, which we get to decorate together. Though I consider myself lucky to have a natural tendency toward staying calm, this year has refined that tendency into a skill even more 🙂 Much like Maria said, escapism hasn’t been an option, and for me as well this has been a positive thing.”

Bethan, Digital Copywriter

“It’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it? While, of course, it’s been a turbulent time with plenty of uncertainty and anxiety over COVID—and everything else that’s been thrown at us—there have been some silver linings. It’s such a cliché, but being forced to slow down by events out of our control has made me appreciate the simpler things so much more. Spending time with friends and family, health and happiness, pints and pub gardens, sunshine, dogs, the great outdoors… Just getting outside has been a joy—going for a walk in the fresh air, finding green spaces or new parts of Bristol to explore, and climbing mountains and canoeing and swimming in lakes where we can. 

2020 has also helped me to become much more in tune with my mental health—and what I need to do to stay positive, happy and balanced. Looking back now, there’ve been a lot of things to be thankful for and some really lovely moments to celebrate too. Here’s to 2021.”

Tilly, Campaign Executive

“Of course, 2020 hasn’t been without its struggles. For those who already struggle with mental health, and for those who suddenly came face to face with a newfound feeling of loss, anxiety or just pure bemusement. However, this year also allowed me to make some changes in my life—I started at Seeker in August, in the middle of a pandemic! My god it was terrifying, but lockdown forced me to reflect on what I wanted in life… and amid all of the yoga, walks, cursing at the TV, and binge-watching Prime Video, I realised that I wanted more. We rarely stop in our lives to assess where we are and where we are going—we get stuck in a pattern and for me, 2020 has been a struggle but it’s also been one of the most helpful years of my life so far. 

I have realised who in my life is there for me and have remembered the true value of friends and family. I put myself out there to get my new role at Seeker and now I have a new work family who are absolutely incredible (even if we can’t meet in person for drinks yet). I have been exercising and doing things that I love such as baking and reading. Your life is what you make it—it’s hard to remember that when a pandemic hits and the world is in chaos. But there’s something to be thankful for when we are forced to stop and re-evaluate our priorities. 

Bring on 2021. May we roll out the vaccine further to support those who need it and may we continue to grow and develop as we always should.”

Daisy, Campaign Executive

“It’s been a complete whirlwind of a year, from start to end. In January we were all so hopeful, ‘2020 will be our year’ and all that, but the year has just been full of surprises. At the start of the year, I was living in Wales—my partner got made redundant and everything was flipped upside down. We made a dramatic decision to move to Bristol, found a small place to live and hoped that the move would do us both the world of good. A few months later, my partner got a job better than he’d ever had, we’ve moved into a 2-bed house and we’re a million times more content than we were in January. 

2020 and lockdown has had such an impact on my mental health, but strangely, it’s been a positive impact. Lockdown has allowed me to keep in contact with those I love, take some time for myself and just improve my lifestyle. Who would have thought lockdown would make me get fitter and happier! This year has solely taught me to be grateful for everything I know and have.”

Damo, Digital Copywriter

“Family has always been important to me, as I’m sure it is for many people. 

While I don’t like being unable to see my family as often as I’d like to, I do think it’s made me think more about them. 

Now I talk to them even more frequently than I did prior to the pandemic, more of the things I do are with them in mind and their importance to me has only increased. 

That’s something to be grateful for.”

Sinead, Campaign Executive

“Not going to lie, 2020 has been challenging for me in many respects. However, I am grateful to have been able to work from home and still feel supported, for the continued creativity of those who create the media I consume (in some cases this has actually elevated) and for my family. Especially my family. They may blast many variations of music whilst I am on Zoom calls but they have also taken care of me when I don’t have the energy to do so myself.

Though it has sometimes been tough, I’m grateful for the stillness and reflection forced lockdown has brought. Especially towards the latter half of this year, I have been learning more about what I like and don’t like about myself. Which puts me in a great position to change where I want to and celebrate where I need to (because one of the things I’ve noticed is that I don’t celebrate myself enough—which kinda brings me onto my final point).

Lastly, I’m grateful for myself and all that I did for me this year. Which sounds incredibly self-serving. Nonetheless, I am grateful for all the times that I stood up for my blackness, all the times I voiced my boundaries, all the times where I allowed myself a break and all the times I allowed myself to do things that I actively enjoyed. 

Roll on 2021.”

Jas, Campaign Manager

“I think it’s safe to say 2020 is nothing like we predicted. 

I started this year absolutely BUZZING for my new job. After years in toxic environments, having to be so mentally resilient to push myself through the tough times, I decided to take the plunge and move to what would be my dream job and next step in my career, moving my life from Oxford to Bristol.

Now when I moved home to save for a house, it’s safe to say I didn’t expect to spend 6 months in lockdown with my parents and away from my other half. 

I had the idea in my head of moving back to Bristol and becoming a kick-ass link builder, but if I thought first lockdown living with my parents was hard—second lockdown living in a house on my own, far away from my family, was a lot harder than expected. 

So while people look at 2020 as a ‘nothing’ year, it’ll always be the year I am grateful for buying my first home, for starting a new career and getting through the challenges that come from living through a global pandemic,

And while I have regular bouts of negativity, I am grateful for the rare moments where I sit back and am proud of all I’ve achieved here. I may not be the best link builder in the world, but I am growing every day. And that’s all thanks to my family, my partner, my amazing friends and colleagues at Seeker, and the positive environment I finally find myself in. Here’s to the next year!”

Even in a year like this, there is still lots to be grateful for. As 2020 draws to a close, we remember the silver linings of the previous year, and look forward in anticipation to see what 2021 will bring.

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