Meet Paul: Our New Digital Strategist

13 September 2018

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Paul joins us from the RAC where he increased their content hub audience from 250,000 visits a month to just over 1.4 million a month within the two years he spent there as content hub editor.

Now, Paul joins us as a digital strategist to help us grow our clients’ audiences and devise effective strategies to achieve their digital marketing goals.

Here he tells us a bit about himself and his digital journey so far…

Who are you?

I’m Paul, the latest in a short (but talented and friendly) line of Seekers, and I’ve been brought on board as a digital strategist.

What’s your background?

I’m originally from Margate, Kent, and have always had a love of film and creative writing,  studying screenwriting for film and television at Bournemouth University after leaving school.

After university I volunteered on a TV pilot then went travelling for 10 months to gain a little more ‘inspiration’ and ‘experience’ (drinking and sunbathing) to add depth to my writing.

I returned to England skint, prospectless and confused at the lack of phone calls from Hollywood agents and producers (why did they not want to hear my story? I had chronicled it in the local newspaper for God’s sake! Answer: it was the same story as every other white middle-class Britain trekking around Thailand while struggling with a post-university identity crisis). I quickly realised I needed a job and fast.

From there, a chance encounter with the editor of a local newspaper in Somerset – of all places – led to a job as a commercial writer. I swiftly moved up from commercial writer, to production manager on a magazine, to head of commercial content for online and print for a series of five newspapers.

Local news is a great place to learn the art of writing tight copy, hitting short deadlines and adapting to an incredibly fast paced, volatile environment – I would recommend it to anyone interested in writing, or marketing for that matter.

Then I left for a job at the RAC as content hub editor where I managed the business’s content marketing strategy and am pleased to say I took their content hub from 240,000 visits a month when I started, to 1.4 million visits a month when I left, as well as doubling the hub’s annual revenue.

An eclectic background then! What brings you to Seeker?

While I thoroughly enjoyed my position at the RAC and learnt a lot from some great people, I realised that what really excited me was developing a strategy and executing it, and I wanted to be able to continue doing that for new projects. Working agency side with a range of clients on different products seemed like the perfect way to satisfy that appetite.

Cool, but why Seeker?

Seeker is different from other agencies I heard about. It’s a smaller team of focused and very talented individuals, doing what they do without arrogance or pretension, or the need to project that ‘wanky’ agency vibe (excuse my language) that some places try to carefully curate. Basically they’re all good dudes who know what they’re talking about.

Are you still interested in film?

I am yes. I’m currently making a short film with the help some of Bristol’s most talented (in my opinion) filmmakers. It is a black comedy that we are hoping to take to festivals next year.

I am also very keen to help Seeker develop its services to include more video production content for its clients too, so watch this space.

How’s the film going?

Very well, aside from a minor incident recently when a concerned neighbour reported me for suspicious activity to the police – to be fair I was digging a grave at 9pm on a desolate farm (I did say it was a black comedy).

Pending no more police intervention we should be finished post production by the end of the year.

That’s me! Are any questions you’d like to ask? If so, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you.

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