Meet Sinead McLarty, Our New Digital Marketing Assistant

02 April 2019

Posted in: Agency

Hello world! My name is Sinead McLarty (not Irish surprisingly). I’m the newest addition to Seeker and a budding digital marketing assistant.

How did you become a Digital Marketing Assistant?

My education is actually not at all based in digital marketing. I started off studying law and business at Plymouth University. After Plymouth, I stuck with law and business for postgrad in Bristol (my home city) before deciding that I enjoyed the business side of things more than law.

As a result, I went on to work for an ecommerce company in London as an office manager. This was my first, very surface level, introduction to digital marketing, which made me want to learn more.

Through this position, I was briefly introduced to how retailers and ecommerce companies work together to create beautiful and well-functioning websites. After working there for about a year and 3 months, I moved back to Bristol to pursue opportunities closer to home and applied for a position at Seeker.

Why Seeker?

Seeker made it clear from the get-go that they are here to help me grow my knowledge. I’m doing a little bit of everything at the moment, which I really enjoy because I get a more in-depth and well-rounded view of what digital agencies do.

It’s evident that everyone here loves what they do and are also very good at it (as cliched as that may sound). Though it has been a relatively short time, I feel like I have learnt a fair bit.

How do you like your new job so far?

So far, so good! Everyone is lovely and open to helping me get to grips with everything. Seeker has a small team so I have got to know who everyone is and what they do very quickly. I had a good feeling from my interview, which was solidified when I arrived on my first day to find my desk had been decked out with a mini potted plant and a selection of teas.

Also, the office building is really nice and there’s a lift which is important when you rupture your Achilles tendon playing netball (do sports they said, it’ll be good for you they said).

That sounds great! Is there anything in particular that you hope to learn from your time at Seeker?

While I have basic knowledge about link-building and outreach (and in most cases can make educated guesses where my knowledge lacks), when it comes to the more technical stuff, I know next to nothing. Although I feel that I will probably have an affinity for the more creative side of my role, I am the most motivated to learn about what I am lacking. Therefore, I would have to say that learning the technical side of SEO is my #1 goal.

BrightonSEO is coming up and I think that is going to be a really informative couple of days. It’s going to be intense and I probably will be out of my depth in some subjects, but I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to learn new things from people who actually practice them.

Also, acronyms. There are a lot of acronyms both in the office specifically and in digital marketing in general. The day that I know them without having to look them up, I may congratulate myself with something special and most likely edible.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not working towards becoming an ace digital marketing assistant I am doing a great number of creative hobbies. I embroider anything made out of fabric, do 90s cartoon-themed nail art and play netball (which I have done for 15 years… before I decided to injure myself).

I’m also quite a good cake maker (if I do say so myself). My favourite thing to bake is a double chocolate brownie cream cake, topped with chocolate ganache and mixed berries.

Welcome to the team, Sinead! We’re looking forward to working with you (and experiencing your cakes first-hand!)

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