The Most Popular Influencer Is Almost Never the One You Really Need – Daiana Damacus

05 April 2019

Posted in: BSEO

In this talk, Daiana Damacus provided expert guidance on how to find the right influencer for your brand and then establish what you need from them. In short, she offered will show all you the dos and don’ts of influencer marketing!


What was the talk about?

Daiana Damacus very entertainingly led the group through the 10 steps to help tackle influencer marketing:

  1. Do I actually need an influencer? – Is your client in a good position to be seen and do they have an existing marketing strategy.
  2. What does the client need help with? – Backlinks? They need a blogger. Brand awareness? They need a brand advocate.
  3. Look behind the numbers – Number of followers are not necessarily equal to success. 10-50K followers is the sweet spot. Still quite a few eyes but not as expensive or as general an audience as influencers with higher numbers (pro tip: influencers with smaller following are more likely to be tuned into a niche and therefore a higher percentage of the followers will have a direct interest in your client).
  4. Choose influencers on the same level or above – Again look beyond the numbers. What is this influencer’s impact? As Diana points out, Coca Cola has fewer followers on Instagram than National Geographic, but more people know who Coca Cola is.
  5. Sneak a peak at their engagement – This will help you decide what kind of content you want from them as well as if they are right for you. No comments under their posts is a red flag but look at all of their platforms as some might perform better than others.
  6. Tailor your goals to their strengths – Are they a better instagrammer? Youtuber? Where in the world is their content popular?
  7. Don’t compare – Prices differ in different locations. Brazillian bloggers often charge more because Brazil is the second largest social media market in the world (therefore the bloggers know their worth).
  8. Offer creative freedom… with guidance – It’s not all about the money. Influencers care about the content they give to their audience
  9. Grow a thick skin – You will get ignored, blocked, patronised and insulted. Take feedback and assess your next steps.
  10. Leave the door open – So that you can work with them again, but wait a while so that it appears more natural.

Fave quote

“Ask yourself, ‘If were to drop my name in a room full of this target audience, how many of them will know who I am and what I do?’”

Potential impact on the industry

As social media influence becomes increasingly important, brands need to be able to source the right influencers. As Diana points out “68% of people who do influencer marketing say that they struggle the most with finding an influencer that works for them.”

This means that guides such as the one above are really important because they teach marketers where to focus their energy to get the most out of the experience.

Key takeaways

  • Make sure that your client is ready and find out what they need.
  • Higher number of followers does not equal better engagement.
  • Appeal to influencers who share your client’s niche.
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